Mongol Shoebox and JCS Hi-Grip - Living in a box from Ocean to Everest. Driving a Rickshaw / Tuk Tuk from Cochin, India to Kathmandu, Nepal on the Rickshaw Run!

The Rickshaw Run

The Charity Aspect

Our journeys are not only for the purpose of extreme adventure, we also give back by raising cash for awesome charities and their most excellent projects.

During the Rickshaw Run we supported Mercy Corps.

For the majority of the 1.1 billion people living in India, poverty is part of daily life. All of the money we raised was channelled into the local communities to equip them with the skills, ability and confidence to help them help themselves out of poverty.

Our final fundraising total was 1,114.69

Many thanks to all of you who showed your support; obviously, we just could not have done it without you:

JCS Hi-Grip
Ben Taylor
Caroline Macy - "You're both mad - but best wishes and good luck!"
Jeff Armstrong - "Well done guys and good luck with it."
Nick Shane - "The world needs more adventurous spirits / insane people like you"
Audrey Bower
Francis Mockridge
Cidonie Richards - "All the best guys, Namaste!"
Alana Plymin
Simon & Julia Hands - "Good luck.....what will happen on this trip!"

Mercy Corps in India

Mercy Corps' assistance to India dates back to January 2001 when the agency responded to a devastating earthquake in Gujarat. Today, Mercy Corps is working in India to build community collaboration and fulfil dire health and economic needs. The Himalayan foothills around Darjeeling, India are home to some of the world's finest teas - and some of Asia's poorest families.

Programmes in Focus

Community Health and Advancement Initiative (CHAI):
With funding from the Tazo Tea Company and implementation through local partner Darjeeling Earth Group, Mercy Corps has designed a five-year programme to improve conditions for families living in 42 communities in the Darjeeling District, a mountainous region in north-eastern India .

Water and Sanitation Awareness:
Mercy Corps is working through DEG to reduce the rate of waterborne disease by 20 percent by promoting hygiene messages through a group of educators, labourers, youth and children.

Youth Empowerment:
Through local partner DEG, Mercy Corps is linking youth, who have long been isolated from schools and training opportunities, with vocational training institutions and engaging them in planning and participation in community projects.

Open Initiatives:
Mercy Corps, through implementing partner DEG, works with local communities to identify core problems and help manage solutions. These projects, as identified by the community, include water infrastructure, school improvements, loans and educational opportunities.

The PLHA programme:
The Mercy Corps team and partner agencies have identified that in Darjeeling District, which includes a population of approximately 1 million, there is no support for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA). Already, and purely as a result of the Rickshaw Run, the Mercy Corps implementing partner, Shankar Foundation has now opened an office, purchased a computer, office furniture, and a telephone. In short, they are open for business just one month after the end of the event. Many families have become aware that sons, daughters, husbands, etc. are PLHA. An emotional time for many, but a big step in combating the virus in Darjeeling.

Specifically, with previous Rickshaw Run funding:
▪ Provide PLHA care and support, including peer counselling, counselling support to family and friends, and medical support for opportunistic infections and anti-retroviral treatment.

▪ Capacity building training, including strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, and financial management.

▪ Geographic expansion to Darjeeling sub-divisions networks in Kalimpong, Mirik and Kurseong.

▪ Networking, linkage and awareness with other PLHA networks at the state and national level, NGOs, CBOs, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

▪ Advocacy and networking with medical personnel, police, media, lawyers, and elected representatives.

What to discover more about Mercy Corps? Try this link...

Mercy Corps