Mongol Shoebox and JCS Hi-Grip - Living in a box from Ocean to Everest. Driving a Rickshaw / Tuk Tuk from Cochin, India to Kathmandu, Nepal on the Rickshaw Run!

The Rickshaw Run

The Rickshaw Run - Winter 2008

If the Mongol Rally was the mother of all adventures, then this one promised to be the slightly crazy aunt that you try to avoid at a Christmas get together.

The concept was simple enough; arrive on the southern tip of India with no preparation and less luggage, jump in one of those Auto Rickshaw things and proceed to force 150cc of the finest Indian engineering over thousands of miles of questionable terrain to Kathmandu in Nepal. On reaching Kathmandu, we would leave our motorised transport behind and take a gentle stroll around the Himalayas.

The trip promised to be genuinely dangerous, after all Indian roads are the most dangerous roads in the world. Our chosen vehicle, as we were to find out for ourselves, would struggle to come off lightly in a collision with a marshmallow. What is more, despite expecting the Rickshaw to break down with startlingly regularity there was no truck with spare parts following us about. Add to this the extremes' of temperature, humidity and fog, not to mention the altitude sickness and it was very clear this was not going to be an easy undertaking.

Indian hospitals are an experience in themselves but we were very lucky we found one when we needed it; we were even more lucky that we were still able to walk into the building ourselves!


JCS Hi-Grip ~ Living in a box from ocean to Everest is part of the Mongol Shoebox project, a Statham Consulting concept .

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