Mongol Shoebox and JCS Hi-Grip - Living in a box from Ocean to Everest. Driving a Rickshaw / Tuk Tuk from Cochin, India to Kathmandu, Nepal on the Rickshaw Run!

The Rickshaw Run
The start point was Kochi in the deep south of India.

From there we went East into tea country before starting the trip north. 2

Our route then took us through the hill station of Ooty, past the palaces of Mysore and on to the temples at Hampi. 6 Turning North East we continued to Raichur where our journey very nearly finished altogether with a heart stopping 360 degree roll into a ditch. 7

After some fairly significant repairs we were back on the road, passing Hyderabad, Nagpur and Katni, heading for the Karma Sutra temples at Khajurano. 11

Heading East again, Varanasi was next and then via Patna to Darjiling. 15

Crossing West into Nepal we made for Chitwan National Park 17 before crossing the mountian range and dropping down into Katmandu our finishing point. 18

At that point we disposed of our motorised transport and, just to make our lives even harder, took a stroll in the direction of Pokara and the Annapurna Mountain range.

The full story of our travels is here.

The Route.