Mongol Shoebox. Driving a Suzuki SJ from the UK to Mongolia and back! From Ocean to Everest in a Auto Rickshaw!

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The Mongol Rally of 2006

The mother of all adventures, the Mongol Rally is an 8000 mile dash across of the earth's surface in cars that most people consider underpowered for doing the shopping. We had no entourage of support vehicles, there was no carefully marked course, there were no professional drivers, fast cars, or even good cars. It's just you, your pants-mobile and thousands of miles of adventure.

The event started on the 22nd July 2006. 160 cars started the event, 117 reached the finish line in Mongolia, only one made it back to the UK and in the process drove 24,000kms, over half way around the world; Team Mongol Shoebox!

In the process of our quest we experienced 2 deserts, 6 mountain ranges, roads ranging from bad to non-existent, we were caught by the police six times for various infractions (some genuine, some not), had machine guns pointed at us, broke down in the dessert 100 miles from anywhere, broke down in deepest Siberia with only a jubilee clip to save us, been thrown out of a hotel, had a car part made of lambs wool, been robbed, smuggled fuel, got lost, been flooded, missed accidents by inches, been snowed on, had no support crew and all this in a car that was swapped for a bag of crisps.

We make light of some of the situations we found ourself in during our trip but you cannot underestimate the risks involved in undertaking this kind of adventure. Our chance of dying was, at times, very high. Other who have attempted this journey have been seriously injured. You really are on your own, if it all goes wrong, that's it, tough. Anyone sensible advised us to stay at home; thankfully, we ignored them!

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